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Well... Shortbows are more powerful but longbows have longer range. Shortbows are best for normal training but longbows are good for things like Castle Wars or Clan Wars.

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Q: Is a maple short bow or a maple longbow better in runescape?
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Maple longbow sighted and Gravite shortbow which is better when doing clan war on f2p runescape?

maple longbow sighted has a +110 and the gravite short has i think +47. If you want more accuracy choose the longbow sighted, but if you want faster speed choose the gravite shortbow. keep in mind that the longbow sight costs 10k tokens while the gravite shortbow costs 40k tokens and the gravite shortbow you have to keep repairing it, from 0% to 100% charged it costs 1 million GP. The longbow sight doesnt need repairing you buy it once and it's yours unless you lose it, you will have to buy a new one.

What is the best bow to use for non members in runescape?

The best bow for non members on runescape i think is the maple short bow it is short so it is really fast and its a maple so it is strong as well

What is better in runescape a maple short bow or a willow comp bow and witchever on you chose explain why and give me proof like a website or something?

The maple shortbow is the best cause it give +29 in atk bonuses, while the willow comp gives a +22 bonus and shoots slower.

Is the willow comp bow best for nonmembers in runescape?

i bought both the maple short and the willow comp and compared the stats and i was mad cause i had just spend 70+k on a willow comp just to find out it had worse stats than the maple short so i think maple short is the best because it is faster than maple long and does the same amount of damage

I've been wondering what's better a maple shortbow or crossbow for a range level 41 by the way im combat level 27 im a range pure Im talking about runescape by the way im a f2p soooo?

f2p crossbows are rubbish, you should stick with a maple short

What is the difference between maple short bows and long bows on runescape?

Shortbows shoot faster. Longbows are somewhat more accurate, and have a longer range.

What should one perform high alchemy in the game of runescape for money?

Non-Member can't really make money alching anymore, unless they get rune drops form lesser demons, then alch those. as for members, Fletching a yew longbow or magic short/longbow and alching those are great exp and money.

In runescape is a magic short bow or a rune crossbow better to train range fater with?

A Rune Crossbow is better to train Range with than Magic Short, Long or composite bow.

In runescape what is the best non member bow and dont say comp because i checked both stats and when i had maple on it had like plus 5-10 range points higher?

hey the strongest bow would have to be the maple long but if u want a little less damage and a little faster then use the maple short.

What is short for RuneScape?

RS or Rscape

Which is better oak long bow or short bow?

An oak longbow has a further range distance and a higher ranged bonus allowing for higher hits and more safespots, an oak shortbow hits faster allowing for much faster training. Shortbows are usually recommended due to their faster speed and only having slightly less power than a longbow, except in some circumstances where longer range is needed for safe-spotting than a longbow is recommended.

What is the difference in a long bow and a short bow real life?

Really? A Longbow is a Bow that is at least as tall as you are A Shortbow is not