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A Rune Crossbow is better to train Range with than Magic Short, Long or composite bow.

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Q: In runescape is a magic short bow or a rune crossbow better to train range fater with?
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What do you use string for in RuneScape?

String is a very general term and can refer to bow string, crossbow string, and/or magic string. Bow strings are used in RuneScape to make bows or crossbows in RuneScape with the appropriate Fletching skill and magic string is used in RuneScape to create Nature Amulets with the Crafting skill with the appropriate level required.

Magic shortbow or rune crossbow?

rune crossbow is a good crossbow. and dark bow is the best longbow.

What is better range magic or combat on runescape?

obviously combat, because of strength!

Where is magic mage on RuneScape?

There is no "magic mage" on RuneScape. There are various ways to train magic, and there are various mages, or wizards.

Is a magic composite bow or a magic shortbow better in runescape?

The magic shortbow was, and is, better than the magic composite bow.Especially now that longbows have become shieldbows and composite bows didn't retain their half and half status of being between the long/short for speed/range.

What does the wands do on RuneScape?

Magic bonuses.

What does the amulet of magic do in runescape?

It gives good magic stat boosts.

How much do magic planks cost on RuneScape?

There is no magic planks in runescape. Only plank, oak plank, teak plank and mahogany plank.

How do you get magic lamps in runescape?

Magic lamps are awarded from Random Event boxes.

What is a game like runes of magic?


Is ranged or magic better on RuneScape?

I would have to say ranged.(Actually It depends on you) It goes in a cycle range,combat and magic. Range beats magic. Magic beats combat. And combat beats range. so it's just about what you are fighting. hope this helped. God of torag

How do you improve your magic in runescape?

Um cast spells.