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The best bow for non members on runescape i think is the maple short bow it is short so it is really fast and its a maple so it is strong as well

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what about the magic quickbow?

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Q: What is the best bow to use for non members in runescape?
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What is the best Longbow on RuneScape?

for non-mems maple for mems dark bow

What is the best non-members weapon on Runescape?

In my opinion the best is a rune scimatar

What are the protect armors in runescape from melee non members?

on non members the best armors to protect from melee are plate armors, or chain mail. on non members the best one you can get is rune plate.

RuneScape best way to get 99strenght?

armoured zombies for members, spider in stronghold of security non members

What is the best nonmember food to eat on Runescape?

sword fish is the best non members food

In runescape is the bone scepter for non members?

Yes, it is both Non-Members and Members.

Where is a good place to mine adamantire in runescape for non-members?

Hobgoblin Mine is the best place for non-members - 8 rock and Abandoned Mine sis the best place for members - 13 rocks

On runescape can you use member bow if you are a non member?

No you cannot use any members items in non member worlds it just shows you as unarmed, however you are still shows you wielding the item if you log out of members wearing it.

What is the best world in runescape to play a duel arena tournement in?

look for a duel tournement (members or non-members) specicfic world

Where a non-members get herbs on runescape?

you cant

Is there special attacks for non-members in runescape?


What is an best thing to wear with woodcutting runescape?

The best thing to wear in runescape for non-members is usally nothing or something light that offers some protection and for members will be some special event clothes with boots of lightness.