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perferably for members dragin scimitar or whip for non members rune b axe or rune scimitar and if u hvae a hi range lv then use a dark bow or knifes on defence/range catagorie

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Q: What is the best weapon to train up defence in runescape?
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What is best for a level 38 member on runescape to train attack strength and defence?

The scimitar is a good all round weapon. For your level a mithril one will probably suffice.

Runescape What is the best non corrupt f2p weapon for defence?

Weapons don't add to your defence bonuses. The best armour, however, would be full rune.

What is the best weapon on runescape used to train strength?

Saradomin sword or Dragon scimitar are popular.

What is the best way to train attack defence and strength?

Get a weak weapon and fight barbarians at the barbarian village.

What is the best weapon on runescape to train defence with?

The best weapon is the one that causes the greatest amount of damage to the chosen enemy. Once you decide what enemy you want to attack, look up its weaknesses, and choose a corresponding weapon. For example, if it is weak to slash, use a weapons that has a slash attack, and select a slash attack in combat styles.

What is the best way to get your attack and defence up on runescape with attack 35 and defence 31?

depends if you have good armor, weapon and food you should kill moss or hill giants

What is the best way for a level 66 member to train defence in runescape?

The best and most efficient way to train defense on runescape member's worlds is to train on rock crabs. Rock crabs have 500HP, low defense, and a maximum hit of 15, they also drop clue scrolls.

How do you always hit on runescape?

You need 99attack,super attack potion, piety, and the best weapon, armor that increases attack, and fight someone with low defence.

What monster is the best monster to get defence up on runescape?


In runescape what would be the best adamant weapon to wield with an attack of 35?

It depends what your strengh is, if your strengh is higher you should get a warhammer or battleaxe. If your attack is higher you should get a sword of some type_______________________________________________________________________Y..Yes, it would depend on strength BUT, it would also depend on defence, because there's no point in having a high hitting weapon that has terrible defence, but i'd recommend claws or halberd.add me on runescape - money mad54

What is the best spec weapon in runescape for members?

Dragon claws

What is the best ranger weapon f2p in runescape?

Gravite shortbow.