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Shouldn't take long, play a game of Castle Wars or something to pass the time, and he should visit you during the match lol.

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Q: How long does it take to get the king's message For Regicide quest in runescape?
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On RuneScape how do you get through the Arandar gate?

To get past the gate you will need to have completed "Regicide" Quest.

In RuneScape what is Within The Light?

Within The Light is the newest quest to RuneScape. It continues with the storyline of the whole Regicide/Mournings End quest path. It has some pretty high requirements.

In runescape how do you get to isafdar without completing the quest regicide?

you can't although you can get onto a swamp like place that is just a tiny island- you can't go anywhere from it. you get to the island by using fairy rings.

How do you get to port tyras on runescape?

It is fairly difficult to get to Port Tyras, considering the limited options and quest requirements needed to get there. After the completion of the Regicide quest, the fastest way of getting to Port Tyras is by chartering a ship form Port Sarim at a cost of 3,200 gold pieces.

Can you undo a quest in RuneScape?

It's currently not possible to undo a quest in RuneScape.

What dragon weapons in runescape are there without doing mounkey madness quest?

Dragon claws, dragon spear, dragon 2h, dragon hatchet and dragon pickaxe don't require any quests to wield. Dragon daggers and dragon longswords require lost city quest, dragon mace and dragon battleaxe require heroes' quest, and dragon halberds require the regicide quest.

What quest on runescape do you have to do to wear dragon items?

To wear dragon items you need to beat certain quest for the weapon dragon dagger: lost city dragon longsword: lost city dragon battleaxe: heroes quest dragon mace: heroes quest dragon scimitar: monkey madness dragon spear: none dragon 2h: none dragon halberd: regicide

Why is the legends quest on RuneScape gone?

The legends quest on runescape is not gone, I suggest that you check again.

What is a quest on Runescape?

A quest on Runescape is an adventure that puts you in a conflict, you solve it and you get rewards like money, skill experience points, quest points, and items.

What is the code for puzzle in runescape quest frenmik trials?

If you quit runescape...

Where can one go to get help in completing a Runescape quest?

There are many websites where one can get advice on completing a Runescape quest. The Runescape website itself offers advice as does the website Tip.It.

What was the RuneScape Halloween quest released in 2008?

The quest Swept Away was released in RuneScape at the same time as the Halloween event in 2008.