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Q: Runescape can you switch gangs in hero's quest?
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What do you have to do in order to do the heros quest on runescape?

Go to Runehq and check or go to the quest and see the requirements.

Where is the phoenix gangs half of the shield in the shield of arrav quest on runescape?

it is in a chest in the pheanix gangs hideout

How do you go to falidor when you die in runescape?

you have to beat a quest, which is locatied in the falidor park. Once you have completed the quest he will ask you if you want to switch your respond locations.

Can you undo a quest in RuneScape?

It's currently not possible to undo a quest in RuneScape.

How can you get the phoenix gangs armor room key back to trade to a friend in the quest shield of arrav in runescape?

Its a two person quest one person gets the part of shield from one gang and the other person from the opposite gang.

Why is the legends quest on RuneScape gone?

The legends quest on runescape is not gone, I suggest that you check again.

Where is the other half of the array shield in runescape?

You need to get both halves from different gangs. Once you affiliate with one gang you can't get into the other, so you need a partner (another player) to do the quest with you.

How do you get the lunar spellbook in runescape?

After finishing the quest, Lunar Diplomacy, you must pray at the rc altar on the lunar isle to switch to the Lunar Spellbook

What is a quest on Runescape?

A quest on Runescape is an adventure that puts you in a conflict, you solve it and you get rewards like money, skill experience points, quest points, and items.

What is the code for puzzle in runescape quest frenmik trials?

If you quit runescape...

Where can one go to get help in completing a Runescape quest?

There are many websites where one can get advice on completing a Runescape quest. The Runescape website itself offers advice as does the website Tip.It.

What quest on runescape do you have to do to get zaniks crossbow?

The quest is called "The Chosen Commander".