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Q: Runescape- If you become a non member do you get teleported back to lumbridge?
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What happens on runescape when you're in a members area and you become non member?

When you turn free player and you were a member before and you are in member area you teleport to lumbridge when you log in again,

How to becom a member on RuneScape?

It say on the Runescape site how to become a member.

How does a non-member whos lv 12 get money on runescape?

My personal best is to work for the tutors in Lumbridge. You get xp and money.

Where can you mine coal on RuneScape when you are not a member?

The dwarven mine (there is an entrance in Falidor) or you could try the wilderness. There is also coal near Lumbridge swamp (south of Lumbridge), and in the Barbarian Village center. The RuneScape manual probably lists further locations. dwarven mine dungeon

How do you start recipe for disaster in RuneScape?

You must speak to the cook in Lumbridge Castle. Keep in mind that you have to be a member and it is very difficult to complete.

Where do you get onions in RuneScape?

you can pick them at some farms like out the back of Fred the farmers one near lumbridge or if you are a member you can grow your own

What happens on runescape when im in a members area and stop being a member?

They relocate your character to the original respawn point, Lumbridge Castle.

What is RuneScape subscription?

RuneScape subscription is when you suscribe and you become a member.

In RuneScape if you're a member and your membership expires while you're in a member's area do you teleport to a free area or do you have to get another membership to keep playing?

You will be safely teleported to a free to play area.

How do you get the top-milk in RuneScape?

well there r two types of ways to get top milk on runescape. #1 start the quest cooks assistant he will ask u to get top milk top milk is located in lumbridge next to al karid milk the cow closest to the gate. #2 become a member get to use the cow anytime you want. warning if you don't become a member and you finished cooks assistant you cant get that milk again until you become a member. if you need more help add my account androkna. say you looked at WikiAnswers and you need help ill come and help you in runescape :)

How you become a member on RuneScape?

Go to the RuneScape website and click the button that says "Click Here to Play". When you get to the RuneScape client, at the top of the screen (underneath the stupid advertisement), it says "Upgrade to Member". Click on that. :) You do have to pay monthly to be a member.

Do the cards for Runescape sold at stores let you become a member?