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Non-member: Level 126

Member: ( Summoning ): Level 138.


Non-Member: Hellhound, level 122.

Member: Nex, level 1001.

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Q: Whats the highest level in RuneScape?
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What is the highest level your stats can go on runescape?

The highest it can go to is 99.

What is the highest level in runscape?

The Highest Level is 138. No i have been on runescape and have seen lvl 150s\

What is the highest level of study in diagnostic ultrasound?

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What is the highest level a non member can get to on runescape?


Can you have a free runescape acc with 70 plus range?

You can the highest you can get any skill in Runescape is 99. And the highest combat level you can get is 138.

Whats the hightist level you can get on runescape?

Level 126 combat in free to play and level 138 combat for members.

Whats a good strength attack and defense level in runescape for a tank?


What is the highest lv in RuneScape?

the best level is about 139 now

What is the highest levvel in runescape?

If i am correct the highest combat level is 138. The highest stat levels are 99, but dungeoneering is an exception with a max level of 120.

What is the highest level you can be on runescape?

Level 138..... although enemies (not other players) can be over level 700!

Who is the highest Level Player on RuneScape?

As of 2009: Gertjaars.*Zezima was before that.

What is the highest lvl you can get to in runescape?

Non-Members: Level 126. Members: Level 138. (99 Summoning)