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The highest combat level that can be attained by free players is 126, while members can reach a maximum combat level of 138. On free servers, a player's combat level will not be higher than level 126, as combat levels due to the Summoning skill are omitted.

The highest skill level you can level up to is 120, in the Dungeoneering skill. In all other RuneScape skills, the maximum level is level 99 (though this can be boosted temporarily through means such as potions).

The highest total level currently attainable is 1614 for free to play players and 2496 for members.

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Q: What is the highest level possible in RuneScape?
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Who is the highest level in runescape?

138 is the Highest level Possible. No One is the Highest level, Sorry to burst your bubble.

What is the highest total level you can have in RuneScape?

With the addition of the Dungeoneering skill, the highest total level possible is 2475.

What is the highest level you can get to on runescape?

The highest level you could get to is level 138 as far as I know.

Who has the highest combat level in runescape?

The highest combat level possible is 138. The highest ranked player is named: "Elias" (No specific person has the highest level, there's a lot of level 138's You become level 138 when you master all combat skills.)

What is the highest possible experience level?

On runescape the maximum exp you can reach in each skill is 200,000,000 (200 million)

What is the highest level your stats can go on runescape?

The highest it can go to is 99.

What is the highest level in runscape?

The Highest Level is 138. No i have been on runescape and have seen lvl 150s\

What is the highest level a non member can get to on runescape?


What is the highest level for member on runescape?

Level 138, This is due to 99 Summoning.

Can you have a free runescape acc with 70 plus range?

You can the highest you can get any skill in Runescape is 99. And the highest combat level you can get is 138.

What is the highest level in RuneScape?

the highest level you can be is 138the highest npc is level 785Edit:that is wrong, i few days ago i seen a level 142 guy, non computerEdit:That could be a moderator the person is a hacker because how do you play runescape not on a computer or laptop.

What is the highest lv in RuneScape?

the best level is about 139 now

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