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to change your stats on runescape all you have to do is level up.

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Q: How do you change your stats on RuneScape?
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How do you change your stats on runescape using firebug?

Firebug has nothing to do with changing stats. You change your stats on RuneScape by training different skills. There is no magic shortcut.

RuneScape stat changer?

There is no tool that can be used to change your stats in Runescape.

How do you change your runescape stats?

You cant change your stats there is no websites that allow you to get a bug/auto/macro to change your stats

Is there a way to change your stats on runescape without downloading the stat changer?

yeah just lvl up normally... : )

How do you change your stats on runescape using reg edit?

Don't. It is against RS rules and your account will be banned PERMANENTLY.

Can you get java moderators to change your stats on runescape?

1) java is the graphics server -_- 2) if a JAGEX mod were to do that then they would get fired.

How do you get an editor for Runescape?

There is no editor for Runescape. The only people that have the programs to edit or change Runescape is Jagex.

How change a RuneScape name?

Are you a member in runescape?If not, be a member then you can change your name...How to change your name if you are a member:Go to the Runescape Home page(make sure you are a member if you are going to do this)Click CommunityClick Change Username or something like thatThen change it

How do you get lv138 on RuneScape?

get lv 99 on all stats that change combat except summoning which u need need to get to lv 95

What is the autobot in Runescape?

An AutoBot For RuneScape is a program which automatically trains your stats for you. Autobots are against the rules for RuneScape and should not be used.

How do you change your information on RuneScape?

Runescape Homepage > Cursor over Account > Account Settings > browse what you want to change.

How do you change your hometown to Varrock in RuneScape?

well go to the enstate agent in runescape