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garchomp, dragonite, milotic, dialga, giratina garchomp, dragonite, milotic, dialga, giratina

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Q: What is the best Pokemon obtainable on diamond?
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Is the secret key obtainable in Pokemon diamond?

No it is not

Where is regice in Pokemon Diamond?

Regice is not obtainable in Pokémon Diamond.Regice isn't in diamond.

Where to get phinone in Pokemon diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond, the Pokemon called Phione is only obtainable by breeding the Pokemon called Manaphy. Manaphy must be obtained in another game, Pokemon Ranger, and then transferred into Pokemon Diamond.

Which Pokemon are obtainable in Diamond that aren't obtainable in Pearl and vice-verso?

I know you cant catch a Bagon in Diamond cuz i wanted one to evolve it into Salamence and foud out that they arent even in Diamond

Where do you get the TM pluck in Pokemon diamond?

TM88 Pluck is obtainable in Floaroma Town.

Can you get Ho-oh in Pokemon Diamond?

No you cannot.It is obtainable to catch in Heartgold/Soulsilver.

How do you get darkri on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can't. It is only obtainable by event in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum

How do you catch Mewtwo on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Mewtwo is not obtainable in Pokemon DPPt. Trade it over from another game or AR.

Where can a usering on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Evolve from Teddusarus (Only obtainable with Emerald in slot or Migration)

How are wild Gengar obtained in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Sorry to say, but Gengar is not obtainable in the wild.

How do you get manapee in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot obtain Manaphy on Pokemon Emerald. Manaphy is only obtainable on Diamond & Pearl or later games.

Where do you catch mismageus on Pokemon diamond?

I'm sorry but it's only obtainable in pearl. In the lost tower.