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the best Pokemon for the Pokemon league is definetly latios

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Q: What is the best Pokemon for the league in diamond?
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How do you get to the spot next to the Pokemon league on Pokemon diamond?

beat the league and he will be gone

What are the elite fours Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon League

Where is a hidden item in the Pokemon league in Pokemon Diamond?

there are none that i know of in diamond. sorry(-_-)

Which Pokemon league on Pokemon Diamond the elite 4 one or the cave one?

I beat the league on Pokemon Diamond version, and there was no cave involved, if that's what you were asking.

What is the best strategy for beating the first elite four leader at the Pokemon league on Pokemon diamond?

Have a good Fire and/or Ground Type...

Where is the spring path in Pokemon diamond?

near the Pokemon league

Pokemon Diamond what do you do with Dialga and Palkia?

beat the Pokemon league

What Are the best Pokemon to challange the Pokemon league in diamond?

A level 60 or up starter Pokemon dialgua or palkia and any Pokemon over 60 just not graveler

Behind the Pokemon league Pokemon Diamond?

There is a road behind the Pokemon league where Shaymin can be found if you get Oak's letter.

Where is Cynthia on diamond?

She stays in the Pokemon League.

Does the Pokemon league champion in Pokemon diamond heal your Pokemon before battling?


How do you get Kabuto in Pokemon Diamond?

You can get it in the underground after the national dex which you get after the Pokemon league