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near the Pokemon league

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Q: Where is the spring path in Pokemon diamond?
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Can you get girartina on Pokemon Diamond?

Yes in turnbackcave on the spring path after you beat the Pokemon league

What is the cheat to spring path in Pokemon diamond?

You don't need a cheat just beat the game and then Spring Path Should Be There.

How do you unlock spring path on Pokemon diamond?

You have to go to it but nothing happends

Heatran spring path on Pokemon diamond?


Where you can find a chineco in Pokemon diamond?

* Spring Path Mt. Coronet * Evolve from #433 Chingling

Where is the red gyrados in Pokemon diamond?

The red Gyrados is found in the Sendoff lake at the Spring Path.

Where can you find chimeco in Pokemon diamond?

near spring path near veilstone city or evolve a chingling

On Pokemon diamond I'm at the place where spring path is but there is no path?

You probobly havent done national dex when you do it it works that's where you catch giratina

Is Pokemon geritena in diamond verson?

Yes you can. You have to beat the game and at route 214 spring path will open and in the spring path there is a cave called Turn Back cave and somewhere in there will be Giratina.

What do you do in spring path except for catching Giratina on Pokemon diamond?

there are some good stuff in there, TM's and things like that

How do get a duscnoir?

on Pokemon diamond and pearl,you have to beat the elite four 3 times in platinum you can get a dusclops in the spring path.

How do you get to girintina in Pokemon Diamond?

Go to veilstone city Then South, And if you walk right then you see a open path if you walk in you come to "Spring Path" and there is a cave there is giratinha. but you have to finish Pokemon League First.