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go to the bottom of the waterfall at the Pokemon league.

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Q: Where to get the sky plate in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get the sky plate in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to dig it up underground, like most of the other plates. Or, you can also find under the waterfall in the Pokemon league.

How do you get the sky plate in Pokemon pearl it's the last plate i need help please?

The only way I know of to get a sky plate in diamond/pearl, is to dig in the underground. it's a pretty rare item there, but i do not believe there is any other way.

List of all plates for Pokemon diamond?

Insect Plate Dread Plate Draco Plate Zap Plate Fist Plate Flame Plame Sky Plate Spooky Plate Meadow Plate Earth Plate Icicle Plate Toxic Plate Mind Plate Stone Plate Iron Plate Splash Plate

Were to get the thunder plate in Pokemon diamond?

it's ZAP PLATE and you find it underground

Were to get the aqua plate in Pokemon diamond?

there isn't a aqua plate it is a splash plate, you find it underground

Can you get sky shaymin in Pokemon diamond?

No only on Platnum

Best Pokemon on diamond?

darkrai arceas (with plate)

Where can you find the dread plate in Pokemon Diamond?


In Pokemon Diamond how do you get shaymin in sky form?

You can't change Shaymin into Sky Form in Pokemon Diamond (that includes pearl). You can only change Shaymin into Sky Form in Pokemon Platinum (that includes Heart Gold and Soul Silver). You can get the Gracidea to change Shaymin into Sky Form.

How do you get regigigas sky forme in Pokemon diamond?

you can not get a regigigas sky form _________________________________________________________________ Regigigas doesn't have a sky form!!!!!!!!

How do you find the water plate in Pokemon diamond?

What you need to do is fly to the Pokemon league and go down the waterfall go to the left side and use the dowsing meter (itemfinder poketech app # 7)and you should find it in patch of flowers. -(different person): that's how you find the sky plate not the water plate

Where is the insect plate in Pokemon diamond?

Finding the Insect Plate in Pokemon Diamond requires the use of the HM Cut. It is in Eterna Forest hidden in the wall to the right of the Old Chateau.