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There isn't one you have to get items you don't need in your bag and use the item code.all the plates ( except the rumored ??? type plate ) are listed.

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Q: What is the action replay cheat to have all arceus plates on Pokemon diamond?
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What Pokemon change types using plates in diamond?

That'd be Arceus.

What are the plates in Pokemon Diamond and pearl?

the plates can be given to Pokemon to boost certain moves, but there is an alternative purpose. there is an uncomfirmed Pokemon(although it kind of is since you can catch it thanks to action replay) known as Arceus, it's supposedly the creator of all Pokemon and you would use the action replay card to get an azule flute that guides you to Arceus' lair were you fight and possibly catch it. anyway, when you catch Arceus it has a statistic of normal, if you give arceus any of the plates, it will change the stat of arceus to whatever the plate is, if it's a spooky plate it becomes ghost, the colour of arceus changes along with the stats of it too

What are the plates for in Pokemon Pearl and diamond?

They power up certain moves and change Arceus's type/form!

What is the Pokemon diamond code for all the seventeen Arceus types?

If you have Arceus, then all you have to do is give it one of the plates that can be collected around Sinnoh, for example, the Splash Plate. Then the Arceus will change its type.

What is the Arceus action replay for Pokemon myster dungeon explores of darkness?

arceus does not exist on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness i have an action replay and pokesav so i know it doesnt exist anyway where would you get the plates!!

For Pokemon diamond what do you do with all the plates you find?

you use them to get arceus whitch is a very rare Pokemon but you also need certain pokemmon my friend mikey is trying to do that

What happens when you get all of the plates in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Nothing really, but if you get the Nintendo event only Pokemon Arceus, you can use them to change the type. so attaching a flame plate will make Arceus fire type e.t.c.

What do you do with all the plates in Pokemon pearl and diamond?

You catch an Arceus with an event/ cheat code and make him hold it. The different plated changes his type.

How do you get arceus on Pokemon platinum version?

Find all plates and got to spear pillar................. TRICKED need the Azure flute or action replay.

What is the toughest Pokemon?

arceus because if you have plates you can change its type

Is there a evolution of arceus?

No, like other legendary pokemon, arceus does not have an evolution. the closest that you can get to evolving arceus is by giving it plates which change its color.

Do you need all the plates to catch Arceus?

No, you do not need all of the plates to catch Arceus. You can use the plates to change Arceus' type, though. Arceus is only available by event (which has long since passed). You can also use an AR (action replay) to hack the game and get an Arceus, all without plates.