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Fire :)

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Q: What is super effective against a bronzor in Pokemon diamond?
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In Pokemon diamond witch Pokemon is the most effective against dark type Pokemon?

fighting types and bug types are the most effective types on dark.

How is fighting super effective on rock in Pokemon diamond?

ít's pokemon, there is no explanation for that. just deal with the fact that fighting is super effective against rock type pokemon

What Pokemon does Byron have in Pokemon Diamond?

Byron has the following pokemon: 1. Lv.36 Bronzor 2. Lv.36 Steelix 3. Lv.39 Bastiodon

Where can you find a good psychic-type Pokemon on diamond?

bronzor bronzong mount corenet near top to spear pillar

What level does bronzor evolve on in diamond?


Who is the sixth gym leader on diamond?

Byron in Canalave City is the sixth gym leader in Pokemon Diamond. He specializes steel-type. His 3 pokemons are Bronzor, Steelix, and Bastiodon.

What is super effective against Spiritomb in Diamond?

The only way I know of to get a super effective hit on spiritomb is to have a Pokemon use foresight on it and then attack it with a fight type move.

What Pokemon are good against Dialga on Pokemon diamond?

Fighting and Ground type moves are most effective against dialga, since it is a dragon+steel type pokemon.

What type is super effective against psycic in diamond?

super effective is bug

How do you kill psychic Pokémon in Pokémon Diamond?

Dark and Ghost-type moves are the most effective moves to use against Psychic-type Pokemon.

How do you defeat eighth gym leader Pokemon diamond?

The 8th Gym Leader has electric type pokemon. Your best bet to defeat him is Ground or Rock pokemon. Electric types are not effective against ground types.

What does the expert belt do in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

The expert belt in Pokemon diamond and pearl increases the power of a super effective attack.