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super effective is bug

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Q: What type is super effective against psycic in diamond?
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What type is super effective against psycic?

Bug, ghost, and dark types are most effective against psychic types.

What is super effective affective against psycic Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Ghost Bug and Dark

How do you beat elite four in emerald?

The first guy has dark Pokemon. Fighting is super effective against dark. The second guy has ghost Pokemon. Psycic is super effective against, but beware: ghost is super effective against psycic. The third guy has ice Pokemon. Fire obviously is super effective against Ice. The last guy has dragon Pokemon. Dragon and ice are super effective against dragon. The champion has water Pokemon, but one of his Pokemon is water and ground. Electric is very good against water, but it doesn't effect his water and ground Pokemon. Grass is very good to use against his water and ground Pokemon.

What is super effective against a bronzor in Pokemon diamond?

Fire :)

What is effective against poison Pokemon?

Ground type moves like earthquake, magnitude, or dig are SUPER effective on them. Don't try Psycic moves or dark moves. Psycic don't do any damage and dark has little effect. hope this helps!

What is super effective on psycic type Pokemon?

Ghost, dark and bug type moves.

How is fighting super effective on rock in Pokemon diamond?

ít's pokemon, there is no explanation for that. just deal with the fact that fighting is super effective against rock type pokemon

What is super effective against Spiritomb in Diamond?

The only way I know of to get a super effective hit on spiritomb is to have a Pokemon use foresight on it and then attack it with a fight type move.

What super effective against fighting?

Flying and Psychic are super effective against fighting

What is lightning super effective against?

Lightning is super effective against water. I hope this helps.

What is super effective against onix Pokemon?

Water and Grass attacks are super effective against Onix.

What is super effective against gallade?

Ghost & Flying. I believe that's it! Not dark or bug because although they're super-effective against Psychic, they are not-effective against Fighting. And not Psychic, because though it's super-effective against Fighting, it's not-effective against Psychic.

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