What is raikou worth?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Raikou is pretty powerful, but it's best if you wait to evolve your pikachu until he/she learns thunder. Thunder is possibly one of the best electric moves in the game, and he won't be able to get it after evolution. If he's already evolved, then it's still possible to teach it with the TM.

Moves aside, Raikou is great. All stats, especially attack and speed, are high, except for defense. Tends to get killed a bit too easily, which is why it's nice having super powerful electric attacks.

Worth a lot.

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Q: What is raikou worth?
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How much is your raikou legend card worth?

On average, a Raikou Legend card from HGSS Unleashed is worth around approximately $13.75. If you have both cards together, they are worth approximately $25.99. These are only standard prices, so you might not get these exactly!

Hints of catching raiku?

If you can't catch Raikou with a poke ball, great ball, or an ultra ball,.. try catching it with a master ball. it may be very expensive but once you catch Raikou its worth it .

How do you get raikou to come to you in silver?

There is no real way to get Raikou to come to you. You have to keep trying to get to Raikou. It is lucky if you encounter Raikou.

What is best Raikou or Suicune?


How do you evolve raikou?

Raikou Doesn't Evolve

What kind of type of animal is raikou?

Raikou is a tiger.

What level does raikou evolve?

raikou doesnt evolve

Where is Raikou in Pokemon Ruby?

You can't find raikou in ruby.

I just want a Raikou?

first you go to a volcano and there is raikou

Can you catch Raikou in Pokemon Ruby?

no!! of cours yo can not catch raikou in ruby raikou can only be cought in the johto region

What number is Raikou?

Raikou is number 243 in the National Pokédex.

Where do you find raikou in Pokemon Gold?

You go to a mountain and catch raikou