What is plume fossil in black?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is plume fossil in black?
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Can you get both the cover fossil and the plume fossil in Pokemon black?

no you cant but i will tell you witch is the strongest it is archen the plume fossil

Which fossil has which Pokemon in Pokemon black?

Cover Fossil is Tirtouga. Plume Fossil is Archen.

What are the two fossil Pokemon of Pokemon Black?

Tirtouga from the Cover fossil, and Archen from the Plume fossil.

What is the plume fossil in Pokemon Black?

you get the pre evelution of archeops

What is a plume fossil?

The plume fossil is a fossil that contains the Pokemon archen but you can either get the plume fossil or the cover fossil from this guy in the relic castle.

Where do you find the plume fossil in Pokemon black version?

In the first bit of relic castle talk to the woman she gives you the choice of plume(archen) or cover(tirtouga) fossil

Where can you find a cover fossil in Pokemon black?

A man in the first floor of the Relic castle will offer you the choice of a Cover fossil or a Plume Fossil.

Which fossil do you get to have archen?

The Plume Fossil.

How do you get archen at relic castle on pokemon black?

There is a lady with a backpack on she gives you either a plume fossil(Archen) or a cover fossil(tirtouga)

Where can Archen be found in Pokemon Black Version?

At the Relic Castle, you need to take the Plume Fossil. If you take the other Fossil you cannot get Archen.

What fossils are there in relic castle in Pokemon black?

The only fossils that can be found in the Relic Castle are the Plume Fossil which is the Archen Fossil and the Cover Fossil which is the Tirtouga Fossil but you can only select one.

What fossil holds archen in white?

Plume fossil I think