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There is a lady with a backpack on she gives you either a plume fossil(Archen) or a cover fossil(tirtouga)

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Q: How do you get archen at relic castle on pokemon black?
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Where can Archen be found in Pokemon Black Version?

At the Relic Castle, you need to take the Plume Fossil. If you take the other Fossil you cannot get Archen.

What fossils are in the relic castle in Pokemon black?

there is a backpacker in relic castle who will give you either a plume fossil (which is revived into an archen) or a cover fossil (which is revived into a tirtouga)

Where do you catch archen in Pokemon White?

You don't. Archen comes from a plume fossil, obtained in Relic Castle.

What fossils are there in relic castle in Pokemon black?

The only fossils that can be found in the Relic Castle are the Plume Fossil which is the Archen Fossil and the Cover Fossil which is the Tirtouga Fossil but you can only select one.

How do you cach archen?

you don't catch archen you talk to a girl in relic castle

How do you get a fossil in pokemon white?

You need to go to relic castle and the backpacker will give you a Tirtouga or Archen fossil.

Where do you find the plume fossil in Pokemon black version?

In the first bit of relic castle talk to the woman she gives you the choice of plume(archen) or cover(tirtouga) fossil

Were can you get Archeops in Pokemon Black?

First, you have to get the specific fossil from a backpacker in the Ruins that corresponds to Archen. Take that fossil to one of the counter clerks in the museum in Nacrene City. Keep leveling up the Archen until it evolves into an Archeops.

How do you get archen in pokemon black?

Go to Relic Castle and there is a lady with a backpack talk to her and she will give you a fossile choose the Plume Fossil for Archen,then go to Nacrene City in the Museum then talk to the lady that is just right from the entrance to revive your fossil

How do you capture tortuta pokemon black?

it's tirtouga, not tortuta. You get one by the women in the relic castle and you must chose the cover fossil. The other one is the plume fossil archen

When do you get the archen fossil from the 2nd gym leader on Pokemon black and white and do you need to have defeated the Pokemon league or do you get it after you defeat the gym leader?

You don't get it from her, you get it from someone inside the Relic Castle. He'll offer you your choice from Cover or Plume fossils, Archen comes from the Plume one.

Where do you find onix in Pokemon black?

relic castle