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A man in the first floor of the Relic castle will offer you the choice of a Cover fossil or a Plume Fossil.

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Q: Where can you find a cover fossil in Pokemon black?
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Where do you find the plume fossil in Pokemon black version?

In the first bit of relic castle talk to the woman she gives you the choice of plume(archen) or cover(tirtouga) fossil

Where do you find a skull fossil in Pokemon black and white?

What's a skull fossil

How do you find the fossil in Pokemon black?

Relic Castle in the desert

Where can you find archen in Pokemon black?

You must revive its fossil.

Where to find tirtouga in pokemon white?

You need to bring a Cover Fossil to Lenora's Museum, where they'll resurrect it into a Tirtouga.

Where do you find Tirtouga in Pokemon white?

A female Backpacker in the Desert Resort will give it to you if you select the option "Cover Fossil"

What fossils might be found in Pokemon and how can you find them and what Pokemon do they revive and what versions can you find the fossil?

Root Fossil Claw Fossil Helix Fossil Dome Fossil Old Amber Armor Fossil Skull Fossil Rare Bone

Can you find fossiles on Pokemon diamond if so what are they?

Yes the fossil is the skull fossil.

Where can you find omanyte in Pokemon pearl?

Find a fossil underground. I did.

Where do you find the fossil for kabutos in Pokemon diamond?

You can find Kabuto's fossil on the underground after obtaining the National Dex.

Where can you find archen in black version?

To find a archen in both versions, you need to go to the Relic castle and talk to the woman backbacker on the first floor and talk to here and she while ask you to take a fossil from her: the cover fossil which is titorga and a plume fossil is archen. Then fly to Nacrene city, and go to the gym and talk to the lady in blue on the right and she will resurrect the plume (cover) fossil into archen or titorga.

Where can you find a Pokemon fossil in Pokemon Platinum?

in sedimentary rock deposited by volcanoes