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It can change once he was 19 once he is now 10

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Q: What is messi t-shirt number for Argentina?
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What is leonel messi's number for Argentina?

he is number 10

What is messi number?

messi is number 10 for Barcelona and 10 for Argentina

What number is Lionel messi in Argentina?


Where does messi live in Argentina?

Rosario, Argentina

Is messi from argantina?

Yes Lionel Messi is from Argentina

Is Lionel messi from Argentina?

Yes Lionel Messi comes from Rosario in Argentina, but has stayed in Spain for many years.

Is mezzi from Argentina?

Yes. Lionel MESSI was born in Argentina

Is Messi playing for Argentina in the 2012 Olympics?

No. :( sad! Love Messi!

What releigion is Lionel messi?

As Lionel Messi comes from Argentina he is a catholic.

What team is Messi on in 2010 world cup?

Lionel Messi (Argentina)

Is leo messi?

Leo Messi is a professional football player from Argentina.

Is messi a leader?

Yes, Lionel Messi is captain of the Argentina National Team