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you have to buy a tshirt

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Q: How do you get selculpcure 1000 in mechquest?
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How do you get the skullcrusher 1000 in mechquest?

you have to sell everything

MechQuest online game where do you find skull crusher 1000?

on the mechquest art book where else

How do you get the skullcrusher1000 on mechquest?

You have to buy the mechquest artbook and you get a promocode in it and so you can enter the code then you'll get the skullcrusher 1000

How do you get schelpture 1000 in mechquest?

you buy (with real money) a t-shirt made by the creators of mechquest. then there is a code at the tag. then you put that in

Mechquest how to get sepulchure 1000?

U can get free SEPULCHURE at this website:

How do you get skullcrusher 1000 in mechquest?

You need to purchase the Menchquest art book to get the Skullcrusher 1000. The art book can be bought from Jinx.

Where to get sculpture 1000 in mechquest?

go to the guy near the ghost hunting shop. hope you like it

Where do you enter the code to get skullcrusher 1000 on mechquest?

you have to win a contest and then enter the pasword bjxydro............................................................ ur welcome

How do you get a skullcrusher 1000 in maech quest?

By buying the Mechquest Artbook at it costs $20 and unlocks a armor in aqworlds to...

How can you get heaps of money in mechquest?

Hack using a mechquest trainer

How do you get sepulchure mecha in mechquest?

You get it by going to the stranger, get a doom cell then you get to rank 21 in Mysterious Johnsen and by Scelpchure 1000 Go to Stranger and click onto the t-shirt pic if you buy it you get a code to get prizes in mechquest, dragonfable and adventure quest

How do you get doom lord mech in mechquest?

how to get doom lord mecha in mechquest

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