What team does messi play for in fifa 10?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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barcelona and Argentina

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Q: What team does messi play for in fifa 10?
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FIFA 10 who is the best player?

The best player on fifa 10 is Lionel messi

What team does carlos tevez play for on fifa 10?


What is messi's rating in fifa 10?

Lionel Messi won the footballer of the year this year.

In fifa 10 which team does Stewart downing play for?

Aston Villa :)

What number will messi wear for the 2010 fifa world cup?


What team does mido play for on fifa 10?

Mido plays for Egypt in the world cup.

Who shall you buy on fifa 10?

Calleas goal keaper eto messi

What club team does Kakรก play for in FIFA 10?

Kaka plays for the Brazilian team during the FIFA World Cup 2010. But, when he is not playing at the World Cup, he plays for the Real Madrid team.

Who are the best young players in fifa 10 based on growth?

They are Torres, , Rooney, Messi, .

Did Neymar play in the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Possible. He'll be 35 at the time.

How do you make the ultimate team in fifa 10 wii?

you cant make it manually but you can choose your favorite team like real Madrid and put like messi or Rooney by going in to options and going to squad management

What team in FIFA 2010 gets third place?

Uruguay and Germany play it out on 10/7/2010.