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All you have to do is you have to play with that particular club until a club sees your perfromance in your club and they will buy you from the club.

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Q: How do you change your club in fifa 10 be a pro mode?
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How can you change your teams name in pro clubs fifa 13?

go on pro club menu then pro club squad then press leave club

Does FIFA 07 have pro mode?

no it has not fifa 08 has it

How do you Get a club promoted in Be A Pro or Manager mode fifa 2010 xbox360?

you win the league if in top league you just stay there

Can't I take my pro with me when I change club in manager mode in FIFA 12?

Planin to finish season then find out rejected barca last season and madrid before and I'm now a legend in chelsea

Is there a pro mode on the PS2 version of FIFA 08?

You up for a challenge are you? You must be an experienced FIFA games player. Good news to tell. There is a pro mode on the game. To get to pro mode, on the main menu go to MY FIFA 08. Then go to game settings. Then go to difficuilty level. Then move it along to pro. Pro mode is a challenge, good luck and show them your skills.

Do the players on fifa 11 grow in career mode?

No, unless you change it on the Virtual Pro menu but it will not change it during the season.

How many seasons in FIFA 2010?

4 in be a pro mode

Is their arena mode for FIFA 10 for psp?

Yes there will be an arena mode feature for fifa 10 on the psp. Also there will be a be a pro country mode.Your Welcome.

How do you get to the pro club championship in fifa 11?

u just do

What is after captain on fifa 10 be a pro season?

Club Legend.

How many games are there in one season of be a pro mode in fifa 09?


Can your virtual pro on carear mode play for a national team?

The answer is no, maybe on fifa 13