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One is 4GB and the other is 250GB.

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Q: What is difference between 4GB Xbox and 250 GB Xbox?
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What is the difference between the 4gb and the 250gb xbox?

The main difference is that the Xbox 250 GB holds much more memory than the GB..........and the 250 GB has a glossy cover(i_e the main Xbox's body) while the GB has carbon fiber on it

What is the difference between Xbox 360 4gb and Xbox 360 250gb?

There is not really a big difference between the two the only difference is the 250GB has a way bigger memory than the 4GB and the 250GB is worth the money

What is the difference between a 4GB xbox 360 and a 250GB XBOX 360?

The only difference is the hard drive size.

What is the difference between a 4gb xbox and a 200gb xbox?

The hard drive size is only the difference, nothing else.

Is it better to get a 4GB or a 250 GB xbox?

250 GB

What is the difference in a 2gb Xbox and a 4gb Xbox?

The only difference is the memory size, with the 4gb having more storage space.

What is the difference between xbox 4GB and xbox250GB?

The 250Gb Xbox 360 has ALOT more memory for saved items.

How much does xbox 360 4gb cost?

it costs £149.99. it is in the argos book. and the kinect is about 250 - 270 pounds

How much is an xbox 360 4gb with tax at in California?

how much is for an 4gb xbox in california

What is better 250GB xbox 360 or 4GB xbox 360?

IF you are a heavy gamer or plays around 4 times a week for a hour each get the 250gb if you play once a week or twice a week for an hour 4gb im a moderate gamer but the 250 is what i recomend

Should you buy the 4GB or 250GB XBox 360?

Buy the 250 GB. 4GB is not enough. Not even close. I bought the 250 GB and it is the best! Hope I helped. If u get the 4 gig, you must replace the hard drive with one of a greater memory.

What is the difference between 4GB and 6GB of memory?

6GB memory will hold more things than a 4GB item