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It depends on which one you buy. The cheaper Xbox s comes with 4Gb of memory while the much more expensive one comes with 250Gb.

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Q: How much memory dose a Xbox 360 slim have?
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Is memory and hard drive on xbox 360 slim the same?

no it is not

How do you get an xbox 360 hard drive to work in the xbox 360 slim?

You cant, the only thing you can do is transfer the memory to the new xbox 360 slim with a transfer cable.

Do you have to have an Xbox slim to have Kinect?

No, Kinect will function on any xbox 360 console with sufficient memory.

Can Xbox 360 slim use Xbox memory cards?

of coarse this person has no idea what hes talking about, xbox 360 got rid of the proprietary memory cards with the slim, you must have a usb flash drive or hard drive to use your gamertag on the go

How much does an Xbox slim cost?

4gb xbox slim cost $200 250gb cost $300

Does a 4gb xbox 360 slim console have its memory on console or hardrive?

In the hardrive in the console.

How can you get more memory on your xbox 360 slim 4gb?

You can now buy the slim hard drives 250GB, they are around $129.99 (£70).

How many games can the xbox 360 256mb memory card hold?

No, the 360 slim has no memory card slots.

How much will get for your xbox 360 slim at a pawnshop?


How much does an xbox 360 slim cost?


Does the new xbox 360 slim with a 4gb hard drive play halo reach?

Yes of course it dose.

Can you transfer a hard drive from one xbox slim to another xbox slim?

Yes. Although you cannot move built-in memory, internal hard drives (like the ones that usually come with the Xbox or can be purchased) and external hard drives such as USB devices allow you to transfer all memory on one Xbox to another. When trying this task, you must find your console settings. Then, from there, your memory. When inside the memory category of your Xbox, choose a specific file or all of your files and either "Move", "Copy", or "Delete" those files.