How much money is a Xbox 360?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Xbox 360 250gb- $299

xbox 360 4gb- $199

xbox 360 4gb with kinect- $299

old xbox 360 (refurbished)- around $120 in GameStop

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Q: How much money is a Xbox 360?
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How much money is an xbox 360?

about 400 to 350 pounds

How much money does the xbox 360 console cost?

According to Gamestop's website it's $199.99, That's a 4gb Xbox 360.

How much money are Xbox 360s right now?

£250 for xbox 360 n kinnect

How much money has Microsoft made from xbox 360?

40 dollars

How much money does a Xbox 360 cost?

Well it depends on the type of xbox 360 Arcade- $199.99 Pro- $299.99 Elite- $399.99

What should you get a Xbox one or Xbox 360?

Xbox 360 The Xbox 1 only wants your money

How much money is 800 Microsoft points for Xbox 360 in English money?

£6 - £8

How much money would you get for an xbox 360 and 6 games?

you would get about 750$

How much money would gamestop give you for a xbox 360 4gb?


How much money does Rock Band cost for the Xbox 360?

From $20 to 80$

How much money does disc svr WWE 2011 xbox cost for the xbox 360?

i don't know how much it cost but i do want it.

Can you turn a xBox to a xBox 360?

No. You can trade in your xbox for whatever they will take and save money to combine until you get a 360, but you can not turn a regular xbox into a 360.