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yes so does the Xbox 360 slim 250GB. and kinect

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Q: Does xbox 360 slim 4GB have built in wi-fi?
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Does Xbox Elite have wifi?

The xbox Elite does NOT have built in wifi. Only the xbox 360 slim has wifi built in, it is the newest xbox out. the elite needs a wifi adapter which costs 100$, the arcade, pro and elite dont have built in wifi, just the slim, which came out just a few months ago.

Does the slim xbox 360 with built in wifi charge for xbox live?

All editions of the Xbox 360 require you to purchase the same memberships.

Does Xbox 360 have built in wifi?

NO. Only the new Xbox360 slim console has Wi-Fi

Does the xbox 360 slim have built in wifi?

Yes it does and its brings its hard drive hidden inside it and 3 months of Xbox live .

How do you connect Xbox 360 to wifi?

You either have to have the wireless adapter or the xbox 360 slim (which is better)

Can you use a white xbox 360 wifi adaptor on a black 250gb xbox 360?

No. The Xbox 360 S has built-in wifi.

Does the xbox 360m elite have built in wifi?

Only the Xbox 360 S has built-in wifi.

What xbox has built in wifi?

The newest 360's come with built-in wifi as standard.

Can a i-pod touch get XBOX 360 slim Wifi?

it can but you have to have a $600.00 part to do it.

Does an Xbox 360 have Wi-Fi?

No, the console itself is not a wifi port. It can howerver be hooked up to wifi.

Why do you need a wireless adaptor for xbox 360 if it has built in wifi?

You don't. If you have the new Xbox 360, you don't need a wireless adapter because it has built in wifi. But if you have any other Xbox 360 console then you will need a wireless adapter.

How much are Xboxes?

well xbox 360 elite is $299.99 xbox 360 arcade is $399.99 i will pick xbox 360 elite. there is no xbox 720 there is just a newer xbox 360 with wifi built in.