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You don't. If you have the new Xbox 360, you don't need a wireless adapter because it has built in wifi.

But if you have any other Xbox 360 console then you will need a wireless adapter.

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Q: Why do you need a wireless adaptor for xbox 360 if it has built in wifi?
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When do you need a USB wireless adapter?

Wireless adapters (USB or not) are good for connecting to wireless networks (aka WLAN or WiFi).

How do you get WiFi without wireless internet?

Your computer will have to have a built in wireless card. You can then go to a WiFi hotspot.

Can you use a white xbox 360 wifi adaptor on a black 250gb xbox 360?

No. The Xbox 360 S has built-in wifi.

Do Psp's have built in wireless internet access?

PSPs all have built in wifi, and is accessable from any area with a wireless hotspot.

Do you have to have a harddrive to get wifi on xbox 360?

No. If you have the new Xbox 360 S, there is a built-in wireless adapter. The older models have not and therefore you will need to buy a wireless adapter.

How can you go on the internet if you don't have wifi on your dsi XL?

All DS consoles have built-in wi-fi, including the DSi and XL. If you do not have access to a wireless hotspot, you could get a Nintendo Wi-Fi Adaptor, which acts as one.

Do you need a MODEM if you have a TV with built in Wi-Fi?

Yes. The WiFi capability of a TV enables it to connect to wireless hotspot. You will need to have a wireless modem established in your home, for the TV to use this facility.

Do I need specific accessory to connect my Nintendo DS to WiFi internet?

Yes, you need the Nintendo DS WiFi USB adaptor to access the internet.

How do you get built in WiFi back after using vodafone wireless usb?

You need to make sure that your built-in wireless adapter is enabled on hardware level. First you need to check a wireless switch (for laptops), if you have one, that it's in ON position. After that, you need to make sure that in BIOS your wireless adapter is enabled. And last one, you need to check whether you have drivers installed for the adapter.

What is a usb wireless adaptor used for?

A USB adapter lets you have wireless internet if you know the server your trying to connect to has no password. If it does you have to know it

Can you plug up a wireless usb adapter into a playsation 3 and get internet?

The Playstsation 3 comes with built in WiFi so there is no need to have a usb wireless adapter in order to get online.

Well what if your playing it on a DS would you still need a wireless adapter?

depends what Pokemon version youre playing if youre playing leaf green or fire red you cant play wirelessly at all as ther is no adaptor for them + they use a wifi connection but if youre playin diamond, pearl or platinum then you use the built in wifi connection in the DS hope i helped