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For Free players, I suggest using a rune kite.

Most likely your a member so Ill answer that as well.

First off you want defence, without hurting your bonuses. I will create a list from shields from best to worst (worst is still better than any sheilds not listed)

1. Unholy Book (Gained from quest Horror From the Deep, +8 Range bonus)

2. Any Spirit Shield (Good defence woithout hurting range bonuses)

3. Dragonfire Shield (Great Defence, Must I say more?)

4. Granite Shield (Same stats are rune kite, without hurting range)

5. Any other shield you can think of. The point is to get the balance between good def and range bonus.

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Q: What is a good shield for ranging in runescape?
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What is a good runescape ranging shield costing 30k-60k?

If it is a shield with good defense against ranged attacks your best bet is: Members: Granite Shield Non Members: Rune Kiteshield

What is a good shield on RuneScape?

Use a crystal shield or a dragon sq shield, both really good, or you could try a rune defender

What is the best rune shield on runescape?

saradomin shield

What is the name of orange shield in RuneScape?

Antidragon shield

How do you get the anti-dragon shield shield in runescape?

the second floor of runescape has a npc walking around with it talk to him he will hand you one.

Where is the shield shop in RuneScape?

Their are shield shops all over Runescape. You should be more specific.In North Falador near the fountain.

How much does an elemental shield on runescape cost?

An elemental shield is 845 gp.

Where is the second half of the shield on shield of arravv on runescape?

you need a partner to help you get it

How do you get Shield of Zamorok in RuneScape?

grand exchange

In Runescape can you get a defender while having a shield out?


What is a good shield on runescape Because you used to have the obsidian one but it was too noobish is there a better one but not more the like 3 mill?

Use a crystal shield or a dragon sq shield, both really good, or you could try a rune defender

Can a combat level 60 defeat a green dragon on runescape on runescape?

Yes you can! It will be quite a challenge but you may die and probably wont kill too many. Try bringing anti fire potion and shield, sharks, or trout if ranging, good melee/range boosting armor, a crossbow, or scimitar, prolly an obby cape or no cape if you cant afford. It will be hard.