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a speech bubble is a bubble with words in it that a character is saying. So if they say something the speech bubble will appear above their head or to the side of them.

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2010-04-07 01:57:49
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Q: What is a Speech bubble in Club Penguin server?
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How do you get the speech bubble on club penguin?

you have got to go on another server or wait till later

How do you get the chat bar on club penguin?

if you went on a server and it had a speech bubble (safe chat) the chat bar is not there.If you went on a server without the speech bubble the chat bar would be there.

Which servers can you talk in on Club Penguin?

When you choose what server you are going into there will be a speech bubble next to servers you can not speak in!

How do you get a talking bar in club penguin?

you have to be on a server that does not have a chat bubble by it

On Club Penguin What server do you have to go on to type your own messages?

you can go on any server to type your own message but you have to make sure that there is no speech bubble in the server you are goin to enter.

What server do you get on to type when you are on Club penguin?

The servers in which you can type to say something or in those which you cannot are differentiated by the speech bubble sign. The servers that have a speech bubble sign do not allow you to type what you want to say on club penguin, while the ones that don't have it do. So try choosing a server which doesn't have a speech bubble sign. However, if you still can't type what you want to say, it means that you chose the option of 'Ultimate Safe chat' for your penguin while creating your penguin, and your penguin will never be able to type what you want to say

Can you write your own words in club penguin?

yes, unless when you made your penguin you went under ultimate safe chat, because then they write the words for you. Or if when your going into a server you click the server with a speech bubble.

How can you speak if you have already made your account on club penguin?

On club penguin there are two types of worlds. When you sign in, the worlds are identified with a speech bubble and with no speech bubble. Speech bubble worlds have only certain phrases you can say. The non speech bubble worlds are where you can type anything you want.

How do you activate safe chat in club penguin?

In the Rewritten Club Penguin Online when you sing in and you chose server if in the bar of the server it has a speech bubble, that is the safe chat where you cant make up your words to say, in the bottom bar if u press the speech it will show u the only things that you can say.

How are you supposed to say something to someone on club penguin because all my penguin says is hello?

go on a server without a speech bubble on it then, type something in the bar below enjoy! :-]

How can you get a club penguin chat bar?

Go onto a server without a chat bubble next to the server name.

How do you get safe chat on Club Penguin?

When you log in to Club Penguin, you click on one of the servers with a picture of a chat bubble beside the server's name.

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