What is a chat icon on club penguin?

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2010-06-15 17:17:34

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The speech icon is at the bottom of your screen and you type stuff in and it will gome by you in a speech bubble

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2010-06-15 17:17:34
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Q: What is a chat icon on club penguin?
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Where do you go to become an epf agent in club penguin?

click the safe chat icon click EPF Requirement then click the chat thingy

Can you get on the old Club Penguin?

Not on the current Club Penguin but I think that they have old Club Penguin on Penguin Chat.

Is there a penguin chat 7?

No but club penguin

What is related to Club Penguin?

penguin chat 3

How do you get to options on clubpenguin?

The options button is the gear icon button on the rightmost of your chat bar on club penguin. From there you can see how old your penguin is, what server you are on, and you get the option to mute music.

How do you dance on club Marian?

Press the D key on your keyboard, and you will dance. You can also click the sitting-penguin icon to the left of the chat box and select the top penguin to dance.

Is penguin chat 4 real?

No, it's not real, Rsnail had made Penguin Chat into Club Penguin, so Penguin chat 4 doesn't exist.

What did Club Penguin use to be called?

penguin chat 3

Is penguin chat old Club Penguin?

It is rumored yes

How will i do safe chat mode in my child's account when i have already done ultimate chat in club penguin?

There is something wrong with club penguin.

How can you go to your penguin friend to chat in club penguin?

You can see how to chat at the related link below.

How you chat on Club Penguin?

if you can only chat using safe mode. your penguin has to have a parent account so you can change this setting allowing you to chat or not. ask your parents if they do or not have a parent account on club penguin if not then get one for free go on club penguin then go on parents then get one. on there you can change to have full chat.

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