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Q: How do you get safe chat on Club Penguin?
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How do you get the speaking bar in club penguin?

Your penguin has to be in "safe chat" mode, not "ultimate safe chat" mode.

How do you turn off safe chat on club penguin when your not on a safe chat server?

you can't

How can you change safe chat to normal chat on club penguin?

Well you know you give Ur "parents email's' right? They can change you to be safe chat or non safe chat because they have the website that leads to that ----------------- My club penguin is Milesmiley

Is club penguin a safe game for your kids?

Yes club penguin is a very safe game for kids there is safe chat on there so you can put that on and if it is not on safe chat penguins do not say rude things

How do you go from safe chat to free chat on club penguin?

when you sigh up it says safe chat or ultimate chat

How do you put on safe chat on club penguin?

go to account management then put safe chat

How do you get standard safe chat on club penguin?


What is a safe and free chat avatar club for kids?

Club Penguin

How will i do safe chat mode in my child's account when i have already done ultimate chat in club penguin?

There is something wrong with club penguin.

How do you unlock the chatbox on club penguin?

When you make your penguin, make sure the dot is on Standard Safe Chat, DO NOT have it on Ultimate Safe Chat.

How do you get the chat bar in club penguin?

You have to switch to a Safe-Chat off server.

How do you get the text bar at the bottom on club penguin?

Be a standard safe chat penguin.