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To turn the ultimate safe chat off you need to log into the parent zone and select safe chat mode.

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Q: How do you take ultimate safe chat off on club penguin?
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How do you get the speaking bar in club penguin?

Your penguin has to be in "safe chat" mode, not "ultimate safe chat" mode.

Why can't I type on Club Penguin?

you are on ultimate safe chat.

How do you go from safe chat to free chat on club penguin?

when you sigh up it says safe chat or ultimate chat

How will i do safe chat mode in my child's account when i have already done ultimate chat in club penguin?

There is something wrong with club penguin.

How do you unlock the chatbox on club penguin?

When you make your penguin, make sure the dot is on Standard Safe Chat, DO NOT have it on Ultimate Safe Chat.

How can you tell if the server you are in is an ultimate safe chat mode or a standard safe chat mode in club penguin?

In ultimate safe chat there is a speech bubble on the sever you click on.

Can you change from Ultimate safe chat to Safe chat on Club Penguin?

Yes you can, You need a parent account, click on your penguin then settings then you can change, hoped this helped (:

Why haven't you got your own chat thing on club penguin?

because you chose ultimate safe chat when you were signing up or your on a safe chat server

Can you get speech bar if you havent got it club penguin?

Yep! If your penguin is on a Parent Account, simply change the chat settings. Change it to Safe Chat instead of Ultimate Safe Chat!

What does ultimate safe chat on club penguin mean?

It means that you can't type any thing in the chat bar.

How do you get the talkbar on Club Penguin?

Create a parent account and add your penguin account to it. Then go to your options on the parent account, and select safe chat instead of ultimate safe chat.

On club penguin can you undo your ultimate safe chat be specific?

No. The only choice is to restart your account.