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Yes Club Penguin is a very safe game for kids there is safe chat on there so

you can put that on and if it is not on safe chat penguins do not say rude things

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Q: Is club penguin a safe game for your kids?
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What is a free fun safe online pet game for kids?

moshi monsters or club penguin

What is pengspace?

Pengspace is a fun free website for kids that is safe and moderatad. It is related to the game Club Penguin.

What do you do to win Club Penguin?

You can't 'win' Club Penguin. Club Penguin isn't a 'winning' game. Club Penguin is basically a safe chat room with tooonnnnssss of kids on.

What is a safe and free chat avatar club for kids?

Club Penguin

Is Club Penguin trainer safe for kids?


Can you kill people on Club Penguin?

No you cannot kill people on Club Penguin because it is a safe game to meet new friends.

Why Does Club Penguin Have Only Ultimate Safe Chat?

So creeps and horrible people don't scare the kids on club penguin (because it's for kids) making it a safer place for everybody.

A game where you be a penguin and make a penguin family?

club Penguin

How can you punch in club penguin?

You cant. it is designed for kids in a safe bully free environment. no violence,

Is Club Penguin good for kids?

Yes it is but some bad kids make bad things like kissing and these gross things it will be always safe if kids didnt do bad things in club penguin and remember club penguin is always the best :D just ignore the bad kids!! ..... it is sooooo much fun and will EDJUCATE kids too!!! :) <3

Any free online chatting games which is safe and fun for kids?

There is a great website call Club Penguin. This game in online and is great for kids ages 6-13. Your child gets to dress up as a penguin and play different games.

Why Club Penguin a safe kid website?

Club penguin is a website created by Disney, so it is for kids. If it was not, Disney wouldn't be,well, Disney! Besides, it's a website about penguins.