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Be a standard safe chat penguin.

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Q: How do you get the text bar at the bottom on club penguin?
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What is a text bar on club penguin?

The text bar is a thing that makes your penguin talk

How do you get talk bar in Club Penguin?

The chat bar is already added to your club penguin account when you make your penguin. Its at the bottom edge of your screen.

How can you type in words in club penguin?

use the message bar at the bottom.

How do you tell how old you are on Club Penguin?

you press on the ? button where the right of the bottom bar

How do you make your penguin talk on its in Club Penguin?

You click in the text box or click the side bar of already made options

How do you do a action with a costume in club penguin?

click dance in the little bar in the right bottom .

How do you make the heart sign on Club Penguin?

How to make a Heart on Club Penguin. First you will have to log on to Club Penguin. Then you look at the bottom bar at the bottom of your screen. Look on the left and you will see a SMILE. Click on that and a bunch of signs will come up. Find the Heart and then click on it. Then your penguin will show the Heart sign above it. Enjoy! By: AS

How do you use type chat on club penguin?

Click in the bar in the center bottom area of the screen. Then start typing.

Where is your house on club penguin when you first start?

you go on the bottom right corner and click the house on the blue bar.

How do you type your own message on Club Penguin?

if you can only chat using safe mode. your penguin has to have a parent account so you can change this setting allowing you to chat or not. ask your parents if they do or not have a parent account on club penguin if not then get one for free go on club penguin then go on parents then get one. on there you can change to have full chat.

How do you get a chart bar on club penguin?

dont no

How do you do puffle sign Club Penguin?

To make the Club Penguin blue puffle sign come on all you have to do is first: Make sure that your not typing anything into the blue bar at the bottom of your club penguin screen. Next all you do is press EP. Not at the same time though. It's that simple!