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waddle chat

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Q: What are good chat sites like ''club penguin''?
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Are there any virtual penguin games?

Club penguin. The original club penguin game is Penguin chat, it isn't as good but I find it amusing. :)

Where can you get good Club Penguin cheats?

There are two good sites below.

Relly good chat room for small kids 7and over?

club penguin

What are good game sites for children?

moshimonsters toontown club penguin

How do you get standard safe chat when you already have ultimate safe chat?

On Club Penguin oh um..................... there used to be unsafe chat but there isn't anymore i went on it yesterday so you have to use safe chat now,Hey there is a game just like Club Penguin it's called Www.CPPS.ME.COM and you can say good words or bad words but cpps is an older way of club penguin by jenston

Are there any sites like webkinz?

Neopets is good and marapets and club penguin

What is some chat rooms for 11 -10 years old?

Club Penguin is a good, safe one .

Is Club Penguin a good website?

AnswerYes, Club Penguin is ace!In my opinion, yes. Club Penguin is a safe chat website for kids. Even though I am older (15), I like it.It is much better with membership, but still provides amusement.

Are there any good chat rooms apart from club penguin vizwoz and habbo?

Just use Bebo :P

How do you activate an account on Club Penguin?

First, check your email. Then, click what kind of chat you want to use in Club Penguin. You can have Safe Chat where you click on stuff to say in the Safe Chat Menu. Or you can use Free Chat where you can type things in a little typing space. Not everything you say won't appear on other people's screen. Beware of that. Then, you go on Club Penguin and have fun. Have an adult do the email stuff, please. :) Good luck! -Sasha1206

Is there any virtual chat sites for 13 and over? Meepe is good for all Adults and Kisds as i think Virtual Family Kingdom is also great for the entire family Club Penguin is for kids

Are there any good sites that have cheats for club penguin?

Go to it's a good website, it also does the Dizzywood missions, check it out!