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I believe this is the code.

92249cde 00002101

12249cde 00002100

d2000000 00000000

Note: This code will end the battle. Be careful as some caught Pokémon will register as a "Bad Egg" and Bad Eggs can effectively destroy your game. I believe this specific code is "always on" as well. EDIT: When you use this code, CATCH THE TRAINER'S FIRST POKEMON THEY SEND OUT.

Or else you'll get a bad egg and your game is destroyed.

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Q: What is a Pokemon platinum code for catching a trainers Pokemon?
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Is there a code for catching other trainers Pokemon in sapphire?


What is the code for catching any Pokemon in platinum?

* may 2bich

Can you catch an elite four Pokemon in platinum?

only if you have the catch trainers Pokemon code

What is the catching trainers Pokemon code in Pokemon HeartGold?

92245c52 00002101 12245c52 00002100 d2000000 00000000

What is a Pokemon pearl code for catching a trainers Pokemon?

Here is the code 9 9223bfa 00002101 1223bfa 00002101 D2000000 00000000

What is the Pokemon pearl Action replay code for catching other trainers not their Pokemon?

you need a action replay code it is 2345455ts125 it does not work

Is there a cheat code for catching all Pokemon in Pokemon platinum if so can you show it?

you need the modidfier cheat code for it.

What is the code for catching other trainers Pokemon in diamond?

this is the code 9223B5FA 00002101 1223B5FA 00002100 D2000000 00000000

What is the r4Ds code for catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum also my friend code is 4769 5306 1785?

If I have your name I could register you on Pokemon platinum. Message me.For information go to or type in r4 code shiny Pokemon platinum.

How do you catchother trainers Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

You can only do that by buying an action replay and entering a code titled "Catch trainers pokemon" so yes it can be done but only by methods of cheating.

Is there a code for catching trainers Pokemon on diamond version?

This is the code for capturing Trainers' Pokemon only for Pokemon Diamond: 9223b5fa 00002101 1223b5fa 00002100 D2000000 00000000 No button is required to activate this code. Warning: Capturing a Pokemon with seals as its Pokeball will prevent it from going into the PC and removing them is impossible.

What is the action replay code for catching trainers Pokemon?

The Action Replay cheat code for cathing/stealing trainer's Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is Code: 9223b5fa 00002101 1223b5fa 00002100 d2000000 00000000