What is the Exp X1024 code for Pokemon Platinum?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no such code for pokemon platinum

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Q: What is the Exp X1024 code for Pokemon Platinum?
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Is there a Pokemon Platinum Action Replay code to get no EXP?

yes Could you tell me what is it?

Can you earn exp at the battle frontier in Pokemon platinum?

no you can not get exp in the battle frontier in Pokemon plat

Are there any action replay codes for exp share in Pokemon platinum?

Im afraid not if you want it to be a cheat code make it and give it its code

If you lost your exp how do you get another Pokemon platinum?

you cant stupid.

What determines magnitude strength in Pokemon platinum?

his or her level and exp.

How does a Pokemon get 10000 exp points a battle on Pokemon platinum?

meesa gessin a cheat

What level does kadbra evolve in Pokemon platinum?

He evolves from trading not EXP. :)

What is the ultimate exp cheat for platinum?

well, i level up pretty fast when the Pokemon you are trying to level up was a traded Pokemon, and when it has the lucky egg or exp share

Can Pokemon gain exp at the battle frontier in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunatley it is like emerald no you will not gain exp by battling in the battle frontier however you can get rare items and berries

What is the mega exp gain action replay code for Pokemon platinum version?

94000130 feff0000 621bfb0c 00000000 b21bfb0c 00000000 1000229c 0000270f d2000000 00000000

What is the best way to train in Pokemon platinum?

the best way to train your Pokemon is to use a cheat code for super exp gain.if you don't have a action replay you can find them at walmart. the cheat is already in the AR.

Pokemon emerald exp code?

A744170aa996 9b540825258e