Pokemon emerald exp code

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Pokemon emerald exp code
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Can exp share be cloned in Pokemon Emerald?

The simple answer is no

What is the Exp X1024 code for Pokemon Platinum?

There is no such code for pokemon platinum

Can Pokemon gain exp at the battle frontier in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunatley it is like emerald no you will not gain exp by battling in the battle frontier however you can get rare items and berries

Where can i get a website that tell you the exp points for a Pokemon to level on Pokemon emerald?

Go on google write in serebii and click on the first search results and find emerald!

What Pokemon gives the most exp in battle in emerald?

I don't know but I would beat the league with an exp. share attached to the Pokemon you want to give experience to. It always works for me

How to level up Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

1. Give it exp. share. 2. Kill Pokemon. 3. When battling, switch pokemon and defeat it.

When will May give you the EXP Share in Pokemon Emerald?

She doesn't. The President in Rustboro City gives it to you.

In Pokemon emerald how to use EXP Share?

All you have to do is just put a pokemon (preferrably a level 100, or at least your highest leveled pokemon) in the front of your party, and give the pokemon you want to train up the exp. share. Then it will get a share of the exp. points. The reason you would want a level 100 in front is because then the pokemon holding the experience share will get 100% of the exp.

Can you buy exp share in emerald?

After you give Steven the letter go back and the President guy will give one to you:)

Where can you find another exp shaare in LeafGreen?

Just have a friend with leafgreen, firered, ruby, sapphire or emerald trade you a Pokemon holding the exp share they got.

How do you get a exp'shard on Pokemon emerald?

After you deliver eveything for the Devon Goods president he will give you the exp. share as a thank you.

How do you level up fast in emerald?

To get a Pokemon level up quickly is to have a Pokemon hold exp. Share and then just battle a bunch of trainers or wild Pokemon.