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Pokemon White and Pokemon Black are the 5th Generation of Pokemon games. With the newest Pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark debuting in the 13th Pokemon Movie: "Phantom Pokemon Zoroark", the 5th generation of Pokemon games have finally been announced. Pokemon White and Pokemon Black are to be released in the fall of 2010 in Japan. These new games have improved visuals and a different point-of-view.

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These are the 2 names of the next, 5th generation of Pokemon. It will be released in Mid 2011 according to Nintendo.

Pokemon Black and White are the newest installments of the Pokemon RPG games. Unlike Pokemon Ranger and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon which are spin-offs of the Pokemon franchise, Pokemon Black and White will be featured as the main series and a follow up to Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

The games will be released on September 18th in Japan and early Spring of 2011 for North American fans.

The games will feature brand new Pokemon and characters.

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Q: What is Pokemon White and Pokemon Black?
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Where is black city in Pokemon White?

Same place as white forest in Pokemon black... nowhere. Pokemon black has black city, Pokemon white has white forest.

Where is the white forest in Pokemon Black and white version?

Nowhere. you can find the Black city in pokemon black and White forest in pokemon white. YOu can't got to the white forest in pokemon black

What is better Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon Black?

Pokemon black by far. but if you have a choice between Pokemon black or Pokemon white get white. you can get more Pokemon in white than black , plus there is white forest and you can get rare Pokemon there i think

Does Pokemon White you find Zekrom and black you find the white Pokemon?

Yes. You find zekrom in Pokemon white and the white Pokemon in Pokemon black.

Which Pokemon game has black city in it?

Pokemon Black has Black city. Pokemon White has White forest

Can you get both lengdary Pokemon in Pokemon Black and White?

no. you can get the white one in black and the black one in white.

Is dewott in Pokemon Black or white?

Yes, the Pokemon Dewott is in Pokemon Black and White.

Is Zekrom on Pokemon black or Pokemon White version?

Pokemon white reshiram is on black

Who are the mascots of Pokemon Black and White?

Zekrom (Pokemon White) and Reshiram (Pokemon Black).

Is there any Pokemon after black and white?

There are no pokemon after pokemon blACK and white but there will be more pokemon games in the future.

Where do you battle trapinch in Pokemon Black and White?

If you have Pokemon White Virsion then you can in white forest, if you have Pokemon Black Virsion then you must trade it from Pokemon White

Is Zectron in Pokemon black or Pokemon White?

Zekrom (the black dragon) is found in Pokemon White.