What is PS3 trophy error?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a trophy error means all or some of your trophies cant be read by the ps3 so they are not going to register and one or more of your games may not play because of this.

if you have this error you can fix it but you may lose all of your trophies for the affected game data.

i fixed mine by saving my game data to a thumb stick and then deleting the game save data then i shut off the ps3 then switched the main power switch in the back off for a few minutes. then i turned the ps3 back on and copied my game saved data back to the ps3 with the thumbstick. my COD Modern Warfare 2 works like a champ now!

Hope this helped

SGT Weinbrenner

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Q: What is PS3 trophy error?
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