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This error occurs when the PS3 is down for maintenance. On March 9, 2011, the Network will be down most of the day for routine maintenance.

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Q: How do you fix error code 8002a203 on ps3?
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What is the error code 8002A203 mean for the ps3?

This error usually pops up when the PlayStation Network is down for maintenance. Today, on March 9, 2011, the Network will be down for most of the day during routine maintenance.

Having problems loading my game on ps3 showing error code 80p10006?

For in-depth on how to fix PS3 error code 80p10006 visit

How do you fix error code 80710A06 on ps3?

The network is down and the related question has currentstatus

What is error code 80028E02 on PS3?

Usually an error code 80028e02 means it has trouble connecting to the internet. Try this, it might help you configure your playstation to your internet connection

How do you fix ps3 error code 80028e06?

You cannot. It will soon reproduce and devour the entire planet. There is no hope.

What is a 80028F08 ps3 error?

error code 80028f08

How do you fix dns error 80410402?

I am not connect to the ps3

How do you fix error 33 on call of duty 4 ps3?

error 33

How do you fix your ps3 if an error code 80710A06 COMES UP?

It can not be fixed because it is a network problem and not your console. The related question will be updated with new information and sources when available

How do you fix the ps3 80710A06 error?

The network is down and the related question has all available information

How do you fix error 80023121 on ps3?

The network is down see related question for more information

What does error code 800233Ef mean on ps3?

The error code 800233Ef on Playstation 3 is related to failed downloads. There does not seem to be a solid answer on what exactly that error code means and it is suggested to contact Sony for help.