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Q: What internet speed do I need for my XBox?
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Do need broadband for Xbox live?

Any high speed internet would work.

What do you need to go online with an Xbox 360 Arcade?

A high speed internet service and an Xbox live gold subscription

How do i join Xbox live if don't have a computer?

you don't need a computer, you need a working high-speed internet connection.

Can you play need for speed underground on the Xbox 360?

Yes you can as long as your connected to the internet and have the latest downloads.

What do you need to start up xbox 360 live?

A hard drive and a high speed Internet connection.

Can you play need for speed most wanted on Xbox 360?

The following are some Speed games which are available for Xbox 360; Need for Speed Rivals which will be available on 19th of November 2013, Need for Speed Most Wanted, and Need for Speed The Run.

Do you need internet to play xbox one?

Yes, You need an internet connection because when you are on Xbox Live you are using the internet from your router.

What do you need for xbox 360 live?

You need to connect your Xbox with internet and Sign up

Can you have a computer that doesnt have internet and still play xbox live?

You need an Xbox, or Xbox 360, and an Internet connection for Xbox Live. No computer required.

Do you need high speed internet for Xbox live?

I think you do because if you where playing multiplayer online your xbox will be constantly receiving packet data from your opponents xbox. Also your xbox will constantly sending packet data to your friends xboxHope this helps!

What do you need to be able to use Xbox live on Xbox 360?

to get on xbox live you need: 1. you need a connection between your PC and xbox 360 2. you need high speed internet 3. you need a hard drive for the 360 4. you need to get a membership card. you can buy one at walmart depending on which on you buy depends on how much the card will cost.

What do I need to hook an Xbox up to the internet?

Hooking an Xbox up to the internet requires just a few connections. The most important thing is that you have an internet connection. Broadband is recommended for speed and reliability. A router to connect the modem and the xbox is also needed. A wireless router makes the connection easy and mess free. You will need to by a wireless network adapter if you want to hook to the net in this manner.