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your need a xbox adapter from game for around £40

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Q: What kind of wireless internet adapter do you need for the xbox 360?
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What do you need for a xbox wireless adapter?

You will need the Xbox wireless adapter, an installation disc, and an Xbox. Install the software onto the machine and plug the adapter into the USD port to install.

Why do you need a wireless adaptor for xbox 360 if it has built in wifi?

You don't. If you have the new Xbox 360, you don't need a wireless adapter because it has built in wifi. But if you have any other Xbox 360 console then you will need a wireless adapter.

How do you connect to wi-fi on Animal Crossing?

ok, well, first u need a wireless adapter. After that, you go on your ds (while you are in the same house as the adapter) and press the wifi settings. choose the wifi settings on the left and choose your wireless adapter from there. if the connection test works, u can now use wifi ^^ Statement: I want to know how to. But I don't think I have a wireless adapter. Do you have to buy it? I tried changing my settings and stuff but I think its because of the adapter thing. Ack this is sooo confusing. Why cant Animal Crossing be easier? x.x EDIT: Yes, you do need to buy it. However, what you are using may be what you need. Where you use the internet, you will be connected by either a dial up modem, cable or wireless signal. If you are using wireless, then you may use this to connect to Wi-fi. Beyond that I can't help you, as I don't know what type of internet or modem you have.

To both people need a wireless adapter to get the aurora ticket?

both of you need the wireless adapter yes because you can't process all that information from one to another with one adapter and you can't use a link cable because that does not contain that type of electronics inside it

How do you connect xbox 360 wireless controller to PC?

You need a wireless controller adapter for your pc. You can find one on amazon.

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Do you need a wireless adapter to connect to a cable modem?

If you want to use internet wirelessly, yes you need a wireless router and a wireless adapter for your PC (usually laptops have it).

Do you need internet to use a wireless adapter?

you need a wireless rounter to use internet my friend.or a corde. if u need internet box use linksys its great

What do you need to have xbox 360 live?

internet a wired adapter (comes with xbox 360) or wireless adapter (I like wireless) electricity

What do you need to connect to Xbox Live?

for un wireless internet you need nothing. but 4 wireless internet you have to pay an extra 80-100 bucks 4 an adapter! What a RIP! and i have wireless internet. Figures

Can you get Internet on Wii if you don't have wireless Internet?

Yes but you need to buy an adapter for USB to Cable Internet for wii

where can I subscribe to wireless internet and what do i need to have wireless in my home?

If you get internet at home, talk to that provider. Most companies that provide regular internet also provide wireless. You'll also need a cable/DSL router, a wireless adapter, and a powerline adapter. Search for more information about this process if you want to learn more.

Can a portable computer get internet access on its own without a cable or telephone hookup of any kind?

Yes. You need a wireless network adapter card in your laptop or computer and a wireless router

Do I need a router as well as a usb adapter?

If you are talking about building of wireless network. Then you need a wireless router and a wireless network adapter (if you have a laptop you might not need it). If you have a desktop you rather will have to purchase a wireless network adapter. Pay attention to what kind of wireless network you are going to build. It can be a, b, g, and n types.

do you want a wireless adapter cards?

you will want a wireless adapter card if you want to access the internet from your laptop. will only need a router with wireless capabilities in order for you to surf without the hassles of wires.

What equipment does one need to setup laptop wireless internet access?

The main equipment you need to set up laptop wireless internet access is a functioning wireless adapter and a router connecting to the internet. You also need to be in signal range of the router.

Do you need to pay for wifi with xbox wifi adapter?

You need pay only for the adapter. If you have a wireless router you will not have to pay to anybody for your WiFi. But you still have to for Internet.

Can you plug up a wireless usb adapter into a playsation 3 and get internet?

The Playstsation 3 comes with built in WiFi so there is no need to have a usb wireless adapter in order to get online.