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both of you need the wireless adapter yes because you can't process all that information from one to another with one adapter and you can't use a link cable because that does not contain that type of electronics inside it

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Q: To both people need a wireless adapter to get the aurora ticket?
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Do you have to have a wireless adapter to get the Aurora Ticket?

yes yes

How do you get a aurora ticket without a wireless adapter?

you dont :(

How do you get Aurora ticket?

if you have fr/lg, you can use your wireless adapter to get a mystery gift.

How do you get the aurora ticket without the game shark wireless adapter linking cord or special event?

You don't.

Where do you get the aurora ticket with the wireless adapter in fire red?

i don't know I think mystery gift green hat guy

How do you get the mystic ticket using the wireless adapter?

get the mystery gift

How do you get the Mystic Ticket on Pokemon Emerald without wireless adapter?

Its not possible to get any other way.

How do you get a mystic ticket in emerald?

I'm not really sure but I believe that you get it at a Nintendo event using the gba wireless adapter.

How can you get the mystic ticket without the Nintendo event?

wireless adapter, mystery gift option, and a person who has Pokemon emerald

Where is the aurura ticket in emerald?

You have to get it from a Nintendo event, through the wireless adapter. Go to to find out when one is going to be near to you.

Can you On fire red version go to island 9?

Yes, but you need a ferry ticket through mystery event. (wireless adapter needed)

Can you get the Aurora ticket from professor oak?

You cannot get the Aurora Ticket from Professor Oak. The Aurora Ticket is given to the player by a Nintendo event distribution. These events for the ticket are sadly no longer being held.