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If you got the halo combat envolved for the PC yes but for the regular xbox no.But if you mean for the Xbox 360 you need an hardrive.And if you mean xbox live i think you cant play halo1 on xbox live.

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Q: Do you need internet to play halo cobat evolved for Xbox?
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How do you get Aimbot for Halo Combat Evolved for Xbox?

Xbox has no hacks

How do you play halo combat evolved online?

Halo: Combat Evolved does not have Xbox Live compatibility.

Is halo 1 on the xbox 2 player?

Indeed, Halo: Combat Evolved for the Xbox is multiplayer.

Does Halo Combat Evolved work on xbox 360?

I believe so. Not all original Xbox titles do, but I'm fairly sure that both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 do.

How many Halo games were on the original Xbox?

their were two halo combat evolved and halo 2

Is there multyplayer for Halo Combat Evolved on the xbox without hooking it up to the internet?

You can either play on the same xbox or you could do a system link with two xboxs.

Does Halo Combat Evolved work for xbox 360?

Yes, Halo 2 also works for the xbox 360

Do you need internet to play halo combat evoloved online on Xbox?

Yes you need internet! Even on the computer you need internet to play halo combat evolved online... That's the whole concept of online gameplay!

Does the Xbox360 have Halo 2?

No, it is only on the old xbox, but you can play some of the old xbox games on xbox 360 and Halo: combat evolved (halo 1) and halo 2 are two of them.

Can you play halo reach on a wii?

no, halo reach is only for xbox as xbox supports the company that runs it. Halo games that are only on xbox are: halo 3 halo reach halo combat evolved annervirsary and, when it comes out, halo 4 wii is not accociated with xbox in any way. Other halo games like halo combat evolved(origional), halo wars and halo 2 are also available on the pc

How do you setup online play for halo ce online for xbox. do you need a cord to hook up to the Xbox or do you just scan the internet. How do you setup halo combat evolved otnline for Xbox?

You cant its not an online game. But Halo 2 is and you just hook an ethernet cord from the back of the xbox to your computer modem.

Halo combat evolved on Xbox 360?

Download it from the arcade.

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