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ok to get internet or Xbox live on your Xbox you have to first have a modem and an Ethernet cord insert the cord into the modem and the xbox and then you should have internet

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Q: How do you get Internet on your xbox360?
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Can an Xbox360 connect to the Internet through a laptop?


What xbox360 has Internet?

None of them have 'Internet' that you can surf the web with, but they all have Xbox live capabilities.

Can you connect to internet on 'cracked xbox360' without getting 'banned'?


Can xbox360 browse on internet?

Yes but you have to buy separate cable

How can you get the internet on the computer and xbox360 live to work at the same time?

Either use a router or wireless internet.

How do you hook up your XBox360 to your wireless internet?

You have to have the correct IP address.

How do you connect your xbox360 to your wirelss internet?

yes you can by 1st turning on your xbox360 then go to your profile hit join xbox live then in should take you to a wirless internet connection page then pick your internet if it is a secure connection type in your pass code if not just select your internet and walla you are connected

Can you go on the same internet service with two xbox 360?

Yes you can. You can have one Xbox360 in say one room in your house, and then another Xbox360 in another room of your house, and use the same internet connection/service.

Can you still be banned on silver account for xbox360?

No You Don't Have Internet So They Can't

Where can you buy halo3 on xbox360?

any local game store, or order on the internet

Can you connect an Xbox 360 to a wii to get internet connection on the Xbox?

Yes! All you need is an ethernet cable hook it up to the wii first the hook the other end into your xbox360 then go to internet setup in your xbox360 and set everything up.

How do i connect your xbox360 to the internet so you can get live?

# Need highspeed internet # Modem connected to router # Ethernet or Wireless Adapter to connect to network