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This is one of my most favorite game series, too, so first of all . . . don't panic. I'm not sure what you meant by "messed up," but the likelihood is that it will be okay.

If you gave so many gifts that the heart color is past what you need to see the event (for example heart is at green, but you should have triggered the event at blue), then usually it will trigger anyway under the right circumstances. At the worst case, you can give them "bad" gifts until the color is right again and you see the event. Just don't progress too much further until you get to see the event.

If you accidentally gave the wrong response during an event, it still doesn't mean you can't marry them. You just don't get the extra heart points for that event.

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Q: What happens when you mess up a heart event in Harvest Moon DS?
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What is a heart event on harvest moon friends of mineral town?

A heart event in all harvest moon is a signal on how much a girl likes you

What is the first heart event on Harvest Moon DS?

Black heart event.

What is the green heart event for Celia on harvest moon DS?

there is no green heart event.

Celia blue heart event harvest moon?

Her blue heart event happens when you walk into Dr.Hardy's house on a rainy day from 6:00a.m. - 12:00p.m.

What is popori's green heart event in harvest moon friends of mineral town?

I dont have the game but if its like harvest moon DS there is no green or orange heart event. pls correct me if this is wrong.

Will a yellow heart event work if you have a red heart on harvest moon ds?


In harvest moon friends of mineral town are there heart events for the harvest goddess?

their are no heart event just a lot of requrments

What is muffys orange heart event on Harvest Moon DS?

There is no Orange Heart Event. Muffy only has a Black, Purple, Blue, and Yellow Heart Event.

Can you experience someone's heart event again in harvest moon DS?

No, you can't. :(

How can you make the red heart event for cliff on harvest moon boy girl?

The Red Heart Event happens on the mountain top on a sunny day at 10:00pm. It won't work unless Cliff has a Red Heart and you have seen all the event before that one.

What is Kais 4th heart event in harvest moon back to nature PSP?

Kai does not have a heart rating.

Harvest moon ds what happens if you do flora's black heart event wrong?

you'll get beaten up by flora your get at least 15 fatigue and/or faint outright